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The common denominator is they all need fit-for-purpose foundations on time and budget. Each project requires different processes and systems.

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The Paddington
We got involved in the Paddington 151 unit project early. Our engineers saw fish hooks and unneeded features that were costing the project 30% more than it needed to, plus it was going to take 40% longer. With the developers’ support, we redesigned the foundations.

The result?

Less materials and labour needed to deliver structurally sound and compliant slabs. If we were consulted at the start, we believe we would have saved them an extra 20% in costs and 70% in time (on top of the savings we’d already made).
Kāinga Ora,
120 unit property development
On one Kāinga Ora Epuni-located 120 unit redesign; we reduced their costs and sped up the process and we were also able to implement a carbon reduction solution to the highest green star standard. We reduced their carbon emissions by 15%. They achieved the highest green star carbon emission rating, on par with world leaders in construction.

With current labour shortages, carbon sensitivity and supply chain issues; it’s crucial and prudent you get foundation experts involved early. If you’re a property developer and you’ve got a project planned or just doing your due diligence on a site, give Andy Garvie a buzz on 027 200 0377. He’ll show you how you can make savings and reduce carbon emissions.

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