If you’re building a house or an investment property, you’ll need to get your site ready for the builders. Most self-builds require earthworks and concrete foundations. This could include anything from demolition to slab design to tanking to earthworks to piling to concrete slabbing or all of them. Each site is different.
Why is it so hard project managing a build?
Each task in itself isn’t overly hard but it’s when you clip all the tasks together it gets confusing, stressful and painful. You’ve got to coordinate surveyors, plumbers, earthmovers, engineers and council inspections. That is why some self-builders experience expensive delays and price variations, and that’s why it’s good to have us on your team getting your project off to the best start.

Get in touch

If you’re building a house on a property that needs a slab or earthworks (or both);  give us a call on 0800 83 75 22. Even if you don’t use us, we’re happy to point you in the right direction. Until then, here’s a few things to avoid:

  • Major delays - work out how every trade fits together and make sure they are all clear what they need to do
  • Variations - make sure you understand your section, building and council requirements and what could go wrong
  • Getting overcharged - learn the lingo and standard costs so you’re not getting taken for a ride

If you want to see if we can help, fill in this form or give us a call on 0800 83 75 22.

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