When we take the lead with the Geotechnical & structural engineers, you get a better foundation. This might just save you millions*

We only design and build concrete slabs. We're more equipped to know the true cost of delivery so when we design your slab, you get more efficient foundations.

We manage the whole process: from ground investigations to structural design to foundation construction. There’s no confusion or debates between experts. There are no unneeded - and costly - details. There’s one team (us) fighting against inefficiency and waste.

*Millions we say? On Wellington’s The Paddington project, we teamed up with their engineers to save the developers more than $1,000,000. Plus a 30% reduction in delivery time. On Lower Hutt’s largest Kainga Ora development, The Cambridge Terrace Project, we provided a complete foundation design and build package. This reduced time on site by 70%, costs by 30% and carbon emissions by 15%. How’s that? 


SAVINGS TIP: Get Tidy Slabs to manage the whole process

If you are early in the planning stage, this is your best option to get more bang for buck. We can do everything from ground investigations to structural design to foundation construction.

Why your foundation design costs more than it should.

  • The cost of construction is dynamic and location-specific. Your engineers won’t have the on-the-ground knowledge to know every cost at all times.
  • The solution may just be chosen as a matter of habit, not the best outcome for you.
  • The designers are not installers so they are blind to the true cost.
  • Confusion around regulatory changes means a tendency to over-spec designs.
  • Confusion around H1 energy efficiency changes means a tendency to over-spec designs or get attached to an inefficient construction solution.

How will the Tidy Slabs team save you time and money?

We believe the best design has everything you need - nothing more, nothing less. Our clients get fit-for-purpose concrete slabs that meet all regulation, geotechnical and H1 efficiency standards. We remove overly arduous specifications or materials you don’t need and will slow you down. How? Being builders, we know the true cost of each design that others can’t.

  • We know the true costs of slab construction: We have the best insight of the actual time and material costs of each design. If you’re not involved with construction doing slabs day in day out, you won’t know.
  • Solution agnostic = best outcome for you: We are tied to the best outcome for each site NOT a specific patented product. Our product is a clever design and exceptional delivery! 
  • Reduce variability: Sometimes it feels like a design depends on which brand of coffee the engineer drank that morning. There is much to consider; ground conditions, regulatory requirements and material availability. We strive for simplicity in building compliant, fit-for-purpose slabs with fewer fishhooks and delays.

Example: Here's how we save you money 

Okay, here’s a simple example.

Due to the ground conditions, your engineer may require stirrups to ensure the foundation can span the soft ground because there's potential TC2 liquefaction risk. The extra cost for stirrups on a basic 300mm rib raft slab would be $2,000-3,000. It would take 2-3 days longer.  The true cost of this detail is substantial. We need to add in steel delivery, increased complexity and risk. There is a solution where we can substitute the stirrups for fibre-reinforced concrete, reduce labour time on site and remove risk from the project.  This is just one obvious example, but there are plenty more cost-effective design improvements that’ll make your slab more efficient.

Send your plans to quotes@tidyslabs.co.nz to find out more.

How much does a redesign save me?

We are so confident we’ll find you savings that we guarantee it**. It may feel expensive or timely to get an engineer to change your slab design. You may have questions, like how will you get this through the council? Our value engineering process factors in every aspect of a redesign which includes your timeline. Time is an often overlooked key factor in understanding the true cost. In many cases, no council involvement is needed at all, just a site note from the engineer. Happy days!! In most cases, we can save our clients 10-20% on every slab.

How do we get Tidy Slabs design input? 

In the perfect world, we’ll become part of your design team (at no cost to you). We collaborate with your engineers and add our expertise before the design has been completed.  We’ll help them understand the true costs of construction so your design is efficient. 

"As a structural engineer, I have worked with Cam and the team on over a dozen projects now. I am thoroughly impressed with Tidy Slabs' expertise and professionalism in concrete slab construction. Their team demonstrated good attention to detail and adherence to the engineering plans and details throughout the project. I highly recommend them for any concrete construction needs." - Kevin Crowe, Crowe Consulting Ltd, July 2023.

We already have approved plans? Can you help?

Quite often we are given a set of consented plans to price. To realise the true value of working with Tidy Slabs, we may suggest some changes to these plans to save you time and money.

It’s not too late. Send your plans to quotes@tidyslabs.co.nz now.

The Tidy Slabs Design Savings Guarantee
Savings Guarantee! We are very confident we can save you money, in most cases thousands. We can easily save you $500. If we can’t we’ll buy you a Swazi Jacket. If you’re a volume builder then the savings will be thousands. 
Andy Garvie, founder
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