We take the stress out of site preparation

Your problems become ours. The construction industry is plagued with problems:
poor planning, broken promises, material wastage, quality issues, budget bloating and unexpected delays. The process can become needlessly painful fast!

“Forget the stress. My team is eager to take responsibility for ‘the whole foundation process’. From grass to frames, we are one-stop foundation stop:  design, earthworks, foundations, site-management, the compliance rigamarole, we manage it all.” - Andy Garvie, Founder, Developer, CEO, Father

More efficient site preparation and management.

Each site has its own complexity, nuances and fishhooks. There are lots of moving parts: there’s ground, changing weather, council rules, engineers, councils and architects, to name a few. Our engineers, builders, surveyors, and estimators study your plans, spot efficiencies, find savings and solve problems before they slow you down. 

“My team has more than 200 years of experience in construction. We train our people to a standard never seen in the construction industry. This means we do what we say we’ll do when we said we’d do it!” - Andy Garvie, Founder, Developer, CEO, Father

New Zealand’s most experienced team. 

Our smart tight-knit team has delivered more than 1500 concrete slabs of all sizes to a growing list of happy clients. We’re concrete masters. We’ll save you time, money and labour by thinking smarter. For you this means less wastage, less delays and more efficiency. 

“Tidy Slabs are well organised. They tackle the job head-on. Boxing and components go into place quickly. They deliver on time, keeping ahead of the builders.” - Alan Attack, Project Director, Masonic Villages, Oct 2022

Extra project management. 

Our planning and operations are superb. Brian Bowers and his operations team will give you nothing short of first-class, five-star communication. From design to getting the compliance ticks, we manage the sub-trades and everything in between. You’ll get regular updates every step of the way!

“I believe in earnest good old fashioned hospitality and honesty. My operations team will make sure your project is stress free and stays on time.” Brian Bowers, Lower North Island Area Manager, Father, Opening Batsman

Steadfast partners. Your problems are ours. 

Imagine having New Zealand’s smartest foundation experts in your team, batting for you for design, due diligence, site management and of course - laying your slab!

“You need people you can trust. You’ll have one point of contact to manage the design, earthworks, and concrete slabbing. We deliver!” - Cameron Goldsmid, Auckland General Manager, New Zealand triathlete, Spear-fisherman.

Driven by purpose - improving our industry. 

In 2016, construction company owner Sam Faisandier was forced to use a sub-trade that let him down time
and time again. During the most complex part of the build, Sam noticed there was:

  • Lack of foresight and people development. Our next generation of tradesmen need experience working on high volume projects. They need comprehensive training. They need mentorship from the best, so they can get better.
  • Highly unproductive industry. Did you know in our industry 50% of all tasks planned, have to then be re-planned. That’s inefficient! We got the magnifying glass out and studied each process in our business in order for us to be a business that delivers on its promises.
  • People don’t do what they say they will. A symptom of two points above. Not because they don't want to, but because they can't figure out how to do it as they don’t know how. 
  • Some view a finished slab as a commodity not knowing the pain it can cause you. How you get your slab built is important - cutting corners ends up expensive and time consuming.  That’s why we designed an end-to-end service that takes the burden off your shoulders and gives you what you need - a slab fit for purpose and on the date you need it.
  • Services based on the lowest price and quickest delivery. Not all that glitters is gold. While it sounds good, we often get asked to pick up the ruins of these projects. Not only that, you may get a cheaper quote elsewhere but you will likely get stung by variations along the way. Our focus is on a reliable service and consistent delivery. We believe that in the long run, this is the fastest and most cost-effective route for you.

Sam’s idea was to handle this complex process by taking full control from grass to frame ready. Determined to provide a better solution. Sam, along with Andy Garvie and Paddy Faisandier, started Tidy Slabs. We began with better scheduling, better training and better communications. It wasn’t too long before design, earthworks, and on-site management were added to the mix.

We're here for you.
All we do is to take the stress out of site preparation. I sincerely believe we’re doing a great job, but I want to let you be the judge. Send me your plans and let my team work their magic!
Andy Garvie, founder
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