The Mahi Matters!

“People who are successful decide they are going to be successful. They make that choice.” - Jocko Willink

We specialise in concrete foundations but if you ask our Andy, Cam or Brian they say we specialise in people. Everyone has a sweet spot. However, many go through their working life unengaged. We want to help you get in the zone. Whether it’s at work, with your family, or working on your life goals. What you work on, works on you so you’ve got to do whatever lights you up. 

When you’re fully in the zone, you’re work will be better… and you’ll get paid more!

The Mahi at Tidy Slabs

Would you go to war without a plan? No! So, why are so many construction sites a sh#@show? We want to win without all the stress. At Tidy Slabs HQ, we put more effort into planning to make sure you have what you need to succeed whether it’s a full pipeline of projects to fill your month, a detailed schedule, or re-designing a slab so the site is easy to run. 

The more we put into planning the less we spend our time stressing so when we leave work, it stays at work! 

Keen to join the team?

The Sweet Spot Effect

We’ve learnt that when people are in their sweet spot they bring the meanest attitude to work. They take that attitude back home to their family. We know that if we focus on growing people the results will come.

How do I know if Tidy Slabs will be good for me? (We asked our teams for answers)

  • If you’re a hard worker and want more fruit for your labour
  • Have construction experience and am sick of site bulls$#it 
  • If you’re keen to learn
  • Don’t like working with dickheads? We’re not sure if it’s legal but we’ve got a no dickhead policy
  • Do you have goals or are you someone who wants to start cutting your path?
  • Want to focus on the things you’re good at and not be weighed down by admin?
Interested in joining the team?

Our Partner model

We partner with seasoned concrete crews, new concrete crews, and contractors with all sorts of skills. People who can run an efficient operation that brings home a solid and reliable income. We even get professionals who’ve thrown in the suit and want more control in their lives. It’s usually hands-on people who feel a primal need to go out and hunt and bring a trophy (these days a handsome paycheck) back home. This requires all sorts of skills and that’s why our office team do all we can so you win.

  • There’s a strong pipeline of work for you
  • You focus on what you do well and our office team removes anything that slows you down
  • Simple designs 
  • Great VP daily (Visual progress) so you can get the satisfaction of seeing results
  • You don’t get piled with admin - our job is to make sure work as simple as possible to 

We focus on building a reputation that makes the entire Tidy family proud. You may have been working hard on your personal brand. We want to stand proudly together because you’ve got to be proud of where you work. We’re not an offshore-owned private equity company. We’re a family of Kiwi warriors, who you’ll set you up to win. 

Get in touch. Even if you’re just looking for a life change, we love helping people find their calling. 

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