We make sure commercial building construction companies deliver their contracts on time whether you’re working on a Kāinga Ora development, a retirement village or really any large-scale commercial build.

Our A+ team has more than 200 years of construction experience. Our structural engineers and quantity surveyors help big scale developers, commercial builders and project managers deliver efficient builds on time.
Why partner with us?
We don’t spread ourselves thin - site preparation is all we do. We know what’s needed and more importantly what is NOT. Get us involved early. We'll use our knowledge and experience to reduce costs, labor and material usage. Whether you want to reduce costs or reduce your carbon footprint, we’ll make your project a winner with way less stress.

How will Tidy Slabs help your commercial build?

On a recent big scale project of Kāinga Ora, an 120 unit project in Epuni; the commercial builders made a smart decision - they called Tidy Slabs early (early enough to fit in a foundation redesign). From a construction perspective; Andy Garvie, our in-house expert, saw inefficiencies and risk! He knew from experience it was going to be tough delivering the project on time and budget. It’s a tough labour market and their original slab was labour and material intensive. No one wants extension requests and liquidated damages. We redesigned their slab and made sure:

  • We created a structurally sound design
  • We reduced material costs
  • We reduced labor usage
  • We reduced the time required to get the job done

Bottom line: Our clients benefited from savings all around. How? We remove risks before they hit our clients pockets and timeline. Not only were we able to reduce expenditure; we reduced the developers carbon footprint by 15%, elevating this project to the highest level on the green-star framework.

Your project will be different, but If you’re a commercial builder planning a big project, then call Andy on 027 200 0377 . We’ll see how you can make your project more efficient - savings all round!

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