Tidy Slabs has you sorted; we’ll provide your concrete slab on time with way less stress.

It’s our mission to take the strain and pain out of site preparation and concrete foundations in Wellington so you have more time to focus on the build.

The Tidy Slabs work ethic that has cemented our reputation as Wellington’s smartest and most efficient earthworks and concrete foundations outfit. From design to earthworks to laying your concrete slabs in Wellington - we’ve got you sorted, we do it all!

All on time, of course.
Who are our clients
in Wellington?
Our clients include the likes of Mike Greer, GJ Gardners, Jennian, Classic Builders and Kāinga Ora to name a few. We’re big enough to lay slabs for Manor Park Hospital but small enough to put a slab in for Billy’s parents' sleepout in Miramar. If you’ve got a project that needs an expert eye, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 83 75 22. We’re happy to help answer all questions.

Why’s TidySlabs the best choice for concrete foundations and concrete slabs in Wellington?

Our word matters - we’re a family business so our word means something. We do what we say we’ll do. We stick to our timelines. We do the stressing and wrangling so you can focus on the build.

Wellington Council mana - we know how Wellington regional  councils and how its engineers work; making sign-off easy. When it’s a Tidy Slab; inspectors know they won’t be there long because day-in, day-out, we deliver an exceptional service.

Supply chain and capacity - we’re big enough to lock in materials with big suppliers at reasonable prices but small enough to manage our staff to deliver the slab on time; like we said we would.

Extra site management - when you work with Tidy Slabs, you leave everything with us. We’ll run the job, keep all the trades in line so you can focus on the build.

Concrete masters in your corner - Our team has more than 200 years combined experience. We’ve got a stacked team (think 2015 All Blacks) of experts, engineers, surveyors and LBP’s (on-site) all hungry to make your project more efficient.

Dedicated, professional, five star service - no more chasing your tail, we’ll keep you in the loop and keep our fingers on the pulse so you can relax and get on with the build.

Anyway, at the heart of it, we’re normal people like you.
We have spent a lot of time thinking about concrete slabs in Wellington.
If you have a question or need expert advice, give us a call on 0800 83 75 22 or fill out this form now.

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