What we do: foundation construction

We take leadership and ownership with our work

We’re committed to providing a strategically managed end-to-end service, every time. Through our detailed management, we take the burden away from you – providing trust and assurity in our solid process, and the ability to consistently complete the work to a high standard.


From early-stage planning through to completion, our team work in high volume situations where we partner with our clients, learn from each other, and refine the system – to deliver consistent results and high-quality foundation construction. 

Laying the foundation is a critical part of every build. At Tidy Slabs, we offer full-service foundation construction and take complete control of this phase – freeing you up to concentrate on other important aspects of the project.


Our team works with group home builders, property developers and commercial builders in high volume situations, where consistent delivery is of the greatest importance.

Our team start with the initial peg-out and then take care of all the ground prep. We coordinate services installation, facilitate council inspection, and carry out the final concrete pour. Your end result is a finished slab you can rely on, each and every time.

Our end-to-end service includes:

Design assessment and tendering: our Tidy Slabs team are involved at the early stages of construction to support and provide expert advice.

Earthworks: well known to be the tricky part of the build, our team are fully trained and well equipped to deal with any challenge that comes our way.


Construction: is our strong area of expertise. We’ll complete the build and leave the site fully-prepared for the rest of the work.

Once our job is done, everything is ready and organized for the builders to take over and start construction.

Want to see our expert foundation construction in action?

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