Updated: Jun 24, 2019

None of us could do what we do alone. We all depend on one another from the first interaction with a client ‘till the moment we finish the slab and send the invoice. With that in mind, we thought we’d introduce you to the team. Take a look at this post to see who we are, what we do, why we do it and when to call us.

Andy Garvie - Managing Director

Andy has his finger on most aspects of the business in one way or another. You’ll find him in the details of the tendering process, overseeing the management team, working on relationships with clients and suppliers and tinkering with the inner workings of the business.

Why I work here

“Two reasons: the first is that I love process and order. I love building a well-oiled machine that delivers great results for our clients. The second is all about the clients. I love seeing home builders deliver more homes, faster than they could have without us. It’s great to be part of those success stories.”

Sam Faisandier - Director

Sam is an experienced builder, project manager and a licensed building practitioner. He oversees all of our building activity and has a heavy hand in the strategic planning of the business and the process design of our slab teams. He manages key relationships with both clients and suppliers.

Why I work here

“As an experienced builder and project manager, I know where the pain points are in the building process. I love helping to make that process easier for other builders by focusing on the hardest part: getting off the ground. I like my strategic role in this business, where I work to build something

that’s going to stand the test of time - from process design, to picking and choosing the next generation of talented foundation specialists, to everything in between. “

Paddy Faisandier - Earthworks Manager

Paddy looks after the excavation team. He mostly supervises these days, but you’ll still find him driving a machine now and again! He also helps with the business’s overall strategy and management.

When to call Paddy

Call Paddy with your questions about coordinating earth-moving activities and the management of our growing fleet.

Why I work here

“I love the buzz here - there’s never a dull moment! We have an outstanding group of guys on the ground, and I enjoy mentoring them. Finally, I have high standards, and I love continually looking for ways to improve things. “

Hamish Bryan - Project Manager

Hamish has a key accountability of scheduling all foundation work. He makes sure Tidy Slabs employees, subcontractors and materials are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

When to call Hamish

Get in touch with Hamish to discuss scheduling and inquire about progress on your job.

Why I work here

“I get loads of satisfaction out of scheduling a busy week - then seeing it all go to plan (or as close to plan we can get!). We’ve got a great team culture, too, and that goes a long way towards making everything run smoothly.“

Tony Hoffman - Slab Supervisor - Quality

Tony divides his time between site supervision, mentoring staff and quality assurance, signing off on most components of our foundations prior to pouring the concrete. He also runs training for our apprentices, with a night class at his house every Thursday (in conjunction with BCITO).

When to call Tony

Call Tony when you need help troubleshooting issues onsite, or to ask questions about the pre-pour Quality Assurance checks.

Why I work here

“I’ve been a builder since 1974, and I love this industry. I particularly enjoy seeing the apprentices benefit from the weekly training - they have a real enthusiasm for learning, and it’s great to see them work as a team, get into their studies and really enjoy it.”

Troy Alabaster - Building Supervisor

Troy is another of our supervisors, focusing on Tidy Slabs carpentry capabilities. He manages the day-to-day coordination and construction of various “non-slab” building projects we undertake. He also mentors a number of qualified builders and apprentices on their way to becoming great builders.

Why I work here

“I love the visual progress of building, and seeing everything come together into a finished product. I also enjoy teaching others what I know.”

Dylan Thomas - Earthworks Supervisor

Dylan looks after our earthworks team on a day-to-day basis. You’ll find him onsite, working with builders, owners and engineers, coordinating all the moving parts whilst swinging a bucket.

Why I work here

“I get a lot of joy out of working directly with the homeowners and customers, then delivering them a mint-looking site. It’s also great working for Tidy - it feels like family working for this tight-knit team.”

Nicole Garvie - Administrator

Nicole is our administrator. She takes care of the payroll, HR, accounts payable, and anything else that needs doing around the office.

When to call Nicole

Call Nicole to talk about general accounts, invoicing and payroll.

Why I work here

“I love being part of a growing business and working alongside my husband Andy - although it does dominate our conversations now!”

Nick Barrett - Logistics Coordinator

Nick is in charge of the first and the last step of the on site Tidy Slabs process. He Coordinates material deliveries, dismantling of boxing, site clean ups and transport of resources.

Why I work here

"I want Tidy Slabs to be known as the best slabs company in Wellington.. I love to complete the process in a thorough way. I love making the concrete slabs 'shine'. I love helping my team mates. And I love assisting in making everyone better."

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