Meet the team

We’re a place of community and whanau here at Tidy Slabs. Each member of our team is qualified, enjoys a good challenge, and thrives off the busy, rewarding work we do!


Cam | Auckland General Manager

Cam is a key contributor to the team since day one as our external Chartered Accountant. In 2019 he joined the internal management team on a part-time basis and has been instrumental in the development of internal systems and subsequent growth. Cam is now a full-time as the General Manager of our Auckland branch.


Brian | Area Manager, North Island Manager

Brian is very well connected to the construction community and knows the industry well. He is process-driven, passionate about quality and has an eye for detail. He is a committed sports enthusiast, a father and family man who relishes the opportunity for challenge and growth.


Hamish | Wellington General Manager

“I get loads of satisfaction out of scheduling a busy week – then, seeing it all go to plan. We’ve got a great team culture too, and that goes a long way towards making everything run smoothly!”

Josh | Slab Manager

 Josh has a mantra that has driven him to elevate through the Tidy Slabs ranks from apprentice now to our QA supervisor - "never stop learning".

He is a sponge for knowledge and a great teacher.


Jamie | Earthworks Supervisor

"The Hype Man" Jamie is a critical member of the team. He brings people together,  keeps spirits high and mentors many. Jamie has specific capabilities in trucking, however, his most important role is as a coach of the team.

Wendy | Customer Experience Co-Ordinator

Wendy brings the fun to the office everyday! She oversees our client's and their projects ensuring they are on track and looked after to our Tidy standard. She is loyal and honest and has a knack for making everything better!


Nick | Health and Safety Manager

"I enjoy the real camardarie we have in our company - we put people first and we look after those we work with. I allow our team to focus on important tasks, removing the small details to create space for effeciency."

Karen | Accountant

Karen strengthens our internal financial capabilities. She is extremely diligent, thoughtful and proactive. She is an essential part of the team.

Karen G.jpg

Nicole | Mental Health and Wellness Champion / Administrator

“I believe in a proactive approach to mental health and my

role here allows me to use my experience to build resilient team members. 

We are role models in this space and I am proud to be a part of it!”

Andy | Managing Director

“Deliberate consistency is my mantra. I love building a well-oiled machine that delivers great results for our clients. More importantly, I feel privileged that I am able to play a part in the developmental journey of each one of our staff. We have a great team and I am immensely proud of them.”


Sam | Director

“I love making the process easier for other builders by focusing on the hardest part; getting off the ground. I enjoy my strategic role in this business, where I work to build something that’s going to stand the test of time.”

Paddy | Director

“I love the buzz here; there’s never a dull moment! We have an outstanding group of guys on the ground, and I enjoy mentoring them.”


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