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We’re a close community here at Tidy Slabs. Each member of our team is qualified, enjoys a good challenge, and thrives off the busy, rewarding work we do!

Andy Garvie | Managing Director

“Deliberate consistency is my mantra. I love building a well-oiled machine that delivers great results for our clients. More importantly, I feel privileged that I am able to play a part in the developmental journey of each one of our staff. We have a great team and I am immensely proud of them.”

Sam Faisandier | Director

“I love making the process easier for other builders by focusing on the hardest part; getting off the ground. I enjoy my strategic role in this business, where I work to build something that’s going to stand the test of time.”

Paddy Faisandier | Director

“I love the buzz here; there’s never a dull moment! We have an outstanding group of guys on the ground, and I enjoy mentoring them.”

Hamish Bryan | Operations Manager

“I get loads of satisfaction out of scheduling a busy week – then, seeing it all go to plan. We’ve got a great team culture too, and that goes a long way towards making everything run smoothly!”

Tony Hoffman | Slab Supervisor

“I’ve been a builder since 1974, and I love this industry. I particularly enjoy seeing the apprentices benefit from the weekly training – they have a real enthusiasm for learning, and it’s great to see them work as a team, get into their studies, and really enjoy it.”

Dylan Thomas | Earthworks Supervisor

“I get a lot of joy from working directly with the homeowners and customers, then delivering them a mint-looking site. It feels like family working for this tight-knit team!”

Troy Alabaster | Building Supervisor

“I love the visual progress of building and seeing everything come together into a finished product. I also enjoy teaching others what I know.”

Nick Barrett | Safety and Logistics Supervisor

"I enjoy the real camardarie we have in our company - we put people first and we look after those we work with. I allow our team to focus on important tasks, removing the small details to create space for effeciency."

Nicole Garvie | Mental Health and Wellness Champion / Administrator

“I believe in a proactive approach to mental health and my role here allows me to use my experience to build resilient team members. We are role models in this space and I am proud to be a part of it!”

Cameron Goldsmid | Accountant (Outside Accounting)

“Tidy Slabs are a great bunch of guys with an endless drive to do things better. Their brand and culture aligns closely with our own, and makes for a winning combination.”

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