About Us

Our team at Tidy Slabs have extensive experience in the building industry, and in the last

five years alone have worked with partners from Auckland to Wellington that have delivered over 1500 individual concrete foundations.


Operating in Wellington, Auckland, Wairarapa, Kapiti Coast, Manawatū and Horowhenua we are dedicated to giving consistent results, and reliable concrete foundations.

It’s well known to be the hardest part of a build, but at Tidy Slabs we believe that foundation work can be simple – with a well-defined process, and a high standard that’s maintained every time. 

We create confidence in every project

There are many moving parts in a build that need to be effectively managed, and all trades involved have to gain confidence and clarity in the process.


Understanding how critical the foundations are, our team at Tidy Slabs know we can raise the standards and deliver reliable work, every time. 

We choose to make consistency the heart of our work. It means our procedures and processes are strictly laid out, followed, and communicated – every step of the way. 


Based on our industry experience, we created a system to address the pains we are all too familiar with. It requires our staff to be knowledgeable, skilled, and consistent – attributes that have become essential to our business.

We are a dedicated team that train our staff from the ground up, following four important values:


We trust in our people and in our process.

​We are committed to developing every member of our team into being great human beings, who are consistent and care about having an impact.


Trust, Inspire, Develop, You = TIDY Slabs

Building long term relationships is important to us. We are proud to form and maintain strong partnerships with suppliers and builders alike. 


Our team is eager to take charge of this part of the project. We’re confident in taking away your stress and providing a consistent service so that ultimately, we can help you deliver more homes for New Zealand families.

Are you after a partnership that will consistently deliver the right result, on time?